What are people doing to overcome boredom at home during the COVID-19 Social distancing period?


During this period of social distancing, most people have found themselves behind lock doors. This situation is annoying, and out of our norm, most people, especially the extrovert, find it tedious and tiresome to sit alone in the house the whole day.

Most people, however, are finding ways to entertain themselves during this period, and one of the ways that are on trending is the game challenge. For the past week, the tissue challenge has been trending.

This challenge, among others, that people are finding it useful to keep them busy during this period.  This game challenge is common for the social media fanatics

Recently on  Instagram and TikTok a lot of game challenge has emerged such as the don’t rush challenge this games initially seemed like wasting time but today they are becoming do fun to play.  Netflix is one of the standard IPTV Streaming that is known to many, and during this time, people are streaming to get live videos and best movies.

Others find the IPTV services of getting benefits such that they are glued to their seats the whole day watching movies and live news of COVID -19.


IPTV is gaining popularity during this period since it is convenient and on-demand, way to access shows and movies that one desires. The most reliable IPTV is also affordable and easily accessible from anywhere at any time.

For instance, they have an app called the GTV which allows you to access shows, TV lives and games all at the comfort of your smartphone by just tapping at the application boom you are ready to have a moment like never before of amazing shows and games.

GTV is the most reliable way for any person; it's easy to setup compared to any other IPTV services providers. It provides access to over 1000 channels across the world.

They also offer on-demand videos. This means you get access to the latest videos to the oldest favorite videos.

The latest videos, such as La Casa de Papel is also available on GTV. This application gives you access to all videos, and you won't be left behind in any way.

GTV also allows seven days to catch up, meaning you don't have to wake up early or stay until late in the night to catch up with a show. I can't get enough of GTV, and to add more is that they offer three days free trial.

You can't afford to have this application; the services are just mind-blowing.

IPTV GTV services come in two versions the standard version and the plus. Our updated GTV plus TV has more added features and can run on any platform starting from android, smart Samsung TV, among many.

The steps to installation are elementary and straight forward, such as the installation of the app and fill in the subscription code, and there you go, its ready for use. For one to get more information about GTV, visit this website at www.gtviptv.com/en/


Q: Paid, Where to find subscription code?

A:Login, MY ACCOUNT-My Orders-View Order-SKU/IPTV CODE Or Check mail/spam box, code is also sent automatically. Or contact us by email.

Q:Why the code wrong not work?

A: Pls fill in the correct code. Or check whether install correct apk, there are two version: Normal (Blue)&Plus (Red).

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