What is the best IPTV service

IPTV is an acronym that stands for internet protocol television. It is the latest technology that is inexpensive and geared toward replacing traditional cables and satellite services. In other words, IPTV is used to deliver Television programs and videos that are either demand or live (Garcia et al., 2016). It has a slight difference with the digital video that users access via YouTube. However, they share some bit of ubiquitous and pervasive nature. With the best IPTV service, multiple television sets can use a single subscription within a home. 

IPTV works much similar, like browsing the internet. It uses Internet protocol, which is a transport protocol that delivers videos to the viewer. When the viewer clicks Television programs or the different videos, videos from the various sources is divided into data packets and then sent via the internet (Latal et al., 2018). Video servers transmit the videos and programs through fiber optic cables to an existing household via the internet connection, and the request is sent out, and shows are sent back. 

In this modern world, people are too busy to wait for a particular program or video to be showcased in a broadcasting station. This has led to the rise in popularity of the IPTV service since it’s convenient, on-demand, and cost-effective.  With the increasing use of the internet, there are a thousand IPTV that one can choose. However, there are factors to be considered before selecting an IPTV. One of the factors is the type and the number of channels, IPTV providers allow the viewer to watch any number of channels and programs and therefore it is the responsibility of the viewer to determine the number and the type of channel they want to view before choosing to purchase the IPTV.  Quality of the content is also essential before choosing IPTV services; it's important to consider the quality of the content. You should also consider the loading speed of the IPTV if its loading slows. It means that you will experience buffering, and this will make your viewing frustrating.

IPTV allows multiple connectivities via a single subscription; an example is Netflix.  It has a wide variety of packages that the user can choose what they prefer the most.  It allows flexibility where the user can customize the channels that they need and pay for those channels alone.  It has added extra features that users can enjoy, such as digital video recorder and telephone services. It has multiple connectivities to devices such that you can connect via smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

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